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Matt Gaulton Headshot_June_2023_edited.jpg
Matthew Gaulton

Law Student

Faculty of Law

Western University

Matt Gaulton is currently pursuing his Juris Doctor at Western University's Faculty of Law, set to graduate in 2025. An alum of McMaster University, he graduated Summa Cum Laude with an Honours Bachelor's degree in Justice, Political Philosophy and Law. Matt is primarily interested in the intersection of bioethics and law. He is fascinated by the ethical questions that arise in the face of advancements in biology and medicine, and how they often collide and intertwine with legal principles and frameworks. Matt is particularly captivated by dilemmas surrounding genetic engineering, patient rights, and healthcare accessibility. Matt joined the team in April of 2023 as a research assistant. Presently, Matt is working on two projects. The first project involves a legal mapping review of laws and regulations that will govern Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs) of donor interventions. The second is an ethics scoping review for Normothermic Regional Perfusion (NRP), examining the literature on various ethical arguments for and against this intervention.. Both projects represent Matt's continued focus on the intertwining of law and ethics in the medical and biological fields.

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