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Cory Goldstein

Doctoral Candidate
Department of Philosophy
Western University

Cory Goldstein is a doctoral candidate in philosophy at Western University. He received a B.A. in philosophy from McGill University (2014), and an M.A. in philosophy from Western University (2016). His philosophical interests are primarily in applied ethics, particularly the ethical design and conduct of medical research. He is supervised by Professor Weijer and his doctoral work explores ethical questions raised by the use of renal dialysis facilities as a research platform for pragmatic cluster randomized trials, specifically those that use electronic health records and innovative trial designs. As a graduate research assistant, he works with two CIHR-funded research teams whose aim is to produce guidance for the ethical design and conduct of these trials. His doctoral project aims to provide a robust ethical framework to help facilitate the research teams’ overlapping goal.

Cory Goldstein: Team Members
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