Nick Murphy

Doctoral Candidate
Department of Philosophy
Western University

Nicholas Murphy is a doctoral candidate in philosophy at Western University. He received his B.A. (Hons) in philosophy and French from the University of Guelph (2012) and his M.A. in philosophy from Western University (2014). Nick’s philosophical interests are wide-ranging. While his background is in the philosophy of science, his current research activities are in moral and political philosophy. Supervised by Professors Tracy Isaacs and Richard Vernon, Nick’s doctoral work explores the philosophical dilemmas associated with political apology for historical injustice. Nick is a graduate research assistant working with Professor Weijer on the New Frontiers Research Fund study Neurological Physiology After Removal of Therapy (NeuPART). The NeuPART project brings together physicians, neuroscientists, social scientists, lawyers and philosophers to study the relationship between the cessation of circulatory and brain activity during the dying process. The findings of this study will inform ethical debates and practice in organ donation after planned withdrawal of life support in the intensive care unit. Keen to wade into medical ethics, Nick plans to work with the NeuPART team as long as they will have him.  


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