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Post-Dog Fellow
Department of Philosophy
Western University

Emma is a beautiful, high-spirited, intelligent, and 'slightly' spoiled young dog from the landed gentry. She is twenty in human years when the story opens. She has been mistress of the house (Hartfield) since her older sister got married. Although intelligent, she lacks the discipline to practice or study anything in depth. She is portrayed as compassionate to the poor, but at the same time has a strong sense of class status. Her affection for and patience towards her valetudinarian father are also noteworthy. While she is in many ways mature, Emma makes some serious mistakes, mainly due to her lack of experience and her conviction that she is always right. Although she has vowed she will never marry, she delights in making matches for others. She has a brief flirtation with Frank Churchill; however, she realizes at the end of the novel [SPOILER ALERT] that she loves Mr. Knightley.*

I mean...Woof.

*With apologies to Wikipedia

Emma: Team Members
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