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Mackenzie Graham

Senior Research Fellow
Wellcome Centre for Ethics and Humanities
University of Oxford

Mackenzie Graham is a Senior Research Fellow in Imaging and Data Ethics, at the Wellcome Centre for Ethics and Humanities. Mackenzie received a PhD in philosophy (2016) from Western University, Canada, supervised by Charles Weijer, and was previously a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Brain and Mind Institute at Western. He is currently working as a part of the National Consortium for Intelligent Medical Imaging (NCIMI), investigating ethical challenges associated with incorporating machine learning algorithms into the UK’s National Health Service. His research interests are in moral philosophy, neuroethics, and the ethics of artificial intelligence. His prior work investigates how can we assess well-being in severely brain injured patients whose means of communication are severely limited or non-existent, what actions can and should we take to promote their well-being, and questions pertaining to their moral status. He has also written about clinical equipoise, disclosure of research results in functional neuroimaging research, and accidental awareness during general anaesthesia.

Mackenzie Graham: Team Members
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